Using references in PHP can be sometimes confusing especially if you don’t exactly understand their purpose. Let’s take a look at $this, self and static references using simple examples to explain their usage in an easy to understand way.


Let’s start by taking a look at the following example:

Executing the script above will result in echoing:


There’s no doubt about it since $this always refers to the instance itself on which the method is called (or the attribute accessed).

Have you been using XAMPP for a while and every time you want to access your project you’ll do one of the following:

  • used the default URL and went to the directory of your project like localhost/my-project-folder
  • changed Apaches httpd.conf file by editing the DocumentRoot and Directory to match your project folder

If that’s you’re case then you’re in luck ‘cuz there’s a more sophisticated way of doing so that’ll let you have as many domain aliases for all your projects as you’ll need just in four steps.

1. Setting up a local alias for our new domain

First you’ll need to set up a new entry in the hosts…

Michal Tuček

PHP developer | University student | Tutor

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